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Making Owasso beautiful in the past, present and in the future.


The Garden Club works at the Owasso Library and plants seasonally, with addition of perennial plants as necessary. This spring we planted lots of annual flowers for beautiful colors such as marigolds and begonias. We regularly trim, mulch and clean up the beds. Last fall we planted 300 tulip bulbs. All of the plants are labeled for the public’s information.


Club members planted 60 crepe myrtles along the white fence to beautify the highway.


Our Garden Club donated the bench situated at the front entrance of Bailey Medical Center for use by visitors and staff. We also planted the pots behind the bench to beautify the area. We plant seasonally, so that plants can be enjoyed throughout the year.


The Garden Club planted two Redbud trees outside the Owasso Community Center’s senior citizen room. Seniors enjoy viewing the trees from the window and can watch the birds at the feeder. Springtime brings a wonderful show of color.


The Garden Club landscaped around the sign at Owasso High School (corner of 86th St. and 129th E. Ave.) We included Crepe Myrtle trees (variety - Dynamite), Hamlen dwarf grasses, Barberry shrubs, and Dwarf Crepe Myrtles (variety - Pocomoke). Several students helped the club members with the planting.

Library Benches

Two new benches have been installed near the door for the patrons of the Owasso Library.  One was donated by Kimberly Holcomb and her mother Beverly Lewis in memory of their father and husband Calvin E. Lewis.  The other bench was donated by the Owasso Bouquet of Gardeners garden club.  The volunteers from the club donate their time and effort to maintain the gardens around the library.  This is the only library in the whole Tulsa City/County library system that is cared for by citizen volunteers.

Community Center

Two benches like the one pictured were donated by Owasso Bouquet of Gardeners Garden Club to the Owasso Community Center community gardens in September 2014. These are placed there so gardeners can take a break and rest for awhile.

Library Statue

The Owasso Bouquet of Gardeners purchased this statue of Cindy, and donated it to the City of Owasso. The city had it installed by the library entrance. The club purchased this Cindy in memory of past club members who had worked so diligently to keep the library gardens looking lush and beautiful.

Up With Trees

The Owasso Bouquet of Gardeners , with a matching grant from Keep Oklahoma Beautiful, has sponsored this site of Up With Trees at the on-ramp to Hwy 169 at 76th Street. These trees were planted in May of 2016. We are pleased to add this beautification project to Owasso and help keep our city beautiful.

Redbud District Trees

The Owasso Bouquet of Gardeners was at the forefront of helping to increase the tree population in the Redbud District of Owasso. We donated five trees and had them planted at the 76th Street Firestation: Oklahoma Red Bud, Merlot Redbud, Shuntung Maple, Wildfire Black Gum and Royal Rainbow Crab Apple.

Montessori School Buttterfly Garden

The Owasso Montessori School requested the help of our Bouquet of Gardeners to supervise the creation of a butterfly garden on the school grounds. The club donated some plants, oversaw the  planting and gave instructions for upkeep of the gardens. This will be a valuable teaching tool, and fun for the chldren

Redbud Park Tree (2).jpg
Park plaque.jpg
Tree Sponsored at Owasso Redbud Park

The Owasso Bouquet of Gardeners sponsored this tree at the newly completed Redbud Park in Owasso. The tree and its accompanying plaque are on the north side of the park. The tree is there among others forall to enjoy!

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